Since the start of 2018 our company has shifted its entire operations from mostly based on paper to a complete and secured digital system and archive. All our operations are now run and stored digitally and we have implemented this to further limit our environmental footprint.

Besides improving our own environmental performance, we are now instructing our suppliers and vendors to stop sending us paperwork as well. If possible, invoices, reports and other documents should always be sent to us digitally. We believe that any effort, no matter how small, makes a difference and we hope that this procedure will stimulate more companies to become less paper addicted.

This achievement is one of the many environmental objectives which we have identified in our environmental policy and we expect that more achievements will happen still this year. We are excited to dedicate more time and effort to making this world a bit better.

Oh, and by the way because we are realists we will refrain from claiming to be a paperless office as this seems to be still an utopia unfortunately.