Roald Hulst

Cormorant & Roald

The key to successful customer relationships? Foremost, truly wanting to understand your customer’s business drivers and needs. Be curious, be honest, be better and deliver on your promise. Roald believes that sustainable relationships and eco-systems between all stakeholders in the value chain should be built reciprocal, with the intention that all (people & planet) benefit.

In spring 2021, Roald found his way to Cormorant Commodities. As a partner, he is a committed connector with a creative and result-oriented attitude. He builds a safe space where people feel free to speak up, crate , …. flourish and have fun.

Roald previously worked for renowned multinational food and agri companies at C-level in various disciplines.

He loves to spend time outdoors. Give him a racket or a hockey stick and he will be that young playful kid again. Put him in a boat and he will also be in his element. In addition, long time ago – during one of his travel – he fell in love with Africa, a continent with an amazing natural variety, vibe and people. To travel is to live. As Mark Twain put it: ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness’.

“Nothing happens by accident, take the lead and do good”

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