If the label says organic, there must be organic in it! We live Organic and we dream Organic. Please tap into our extensive knowledge and experience in organic product trading around the world. We love to unburden you to find your preferred organic product efficiently and effectively.


We want you to stay and come back for more. Every single delivery again, it is our top priority to deliver the quality as promised. Including tailored advice and assistance if whished for. Seeing is believing. Our people regularly visit our suppliers. Reassuring us that we keep on doing business at the required standards.


Hence, all our food and feed stuff materials are at the highest quality standards. Naturally we are GMP+ FSA and EU Organic certified. Please find below a copy of our quality certificates. Should you want to learn more about these standards please visit their websites by clicking here: GMP+, SKAL or Biocontrole. Working with us doesn’t mean to close a transaction, but to establish a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership focused on qualitative growth.


To ensure a good quality of service and of our products we are GMP+ FSA and EU Organic certified. It is our top priority to deliver a qualitative service so that our clients and producers will return again and again. We know that this quality is necessary to build long-term relationships with our partners.

At Cormorant we say it is not our mission to become the biggest, but to become the best at what we do.

Please find below a copy of our quality certificates. Should you want to learn more about these standards please visit their websites by clicking here: GMP+SKAL Biocontrole (the authority in the Netherlands for the EU Organic Certification).



Partnerships with Producers

We develop new markets and grow sales
using our knowledge and
commercial network.


We provide technical, supply chain and
nutritional support to our
clients and producers.

Market Research

We are continuously searching for new
opportunities, markets and products for
our partners.



The quality of the supply chain is as crucial as the product. For many years, we as a global ‘Supply Chain Manager’ for organic feed and food stuff, source our products from our trusted network throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


Our independence and traceability allows us to work on behalf of our clients in order to develop bespoke solutions for every single product.

We deliver our products using different modes of transport: tippers, tank trucks, vessels, tautliners, ISO-tanks and 20 or 40 ft. containers are used. Obviously, complying with strict quality standards. We take care of the transport and deliveries to avoid you the hassle and the headache.


We are selective with the companies we work with, establishing very strict standards of quality for all our partners and service providers such as Laboratories, Surveyors, Shippers and Warehouses. This is what makes us stand out as a trader.


Reliable Supply

Working with us means working within a
network of certified and trusted
producers and service providers.

Safe & High-Quality Products

All our products comply with strict
European Quality Standards, such as
GMP+ and EU Organic. You can learn
more here.

Efficiency & Traceability

Our background in supply chain
management allows us to provide an
efficient and transparent service.

“Think Big, Stay Humble”