What we do

Cormorant Commodities is a trusted supply chain partner and solutions provider for all your organic feed and food materials. From our Amsterdam office, we operate at a European customer level. Our robust strategic and long-term partnerships with producers and clients in organic oils, -expellers and -cereal grains around the world, enables our customers to procure the best organic materials flexibly, trustily and conveniently.

Our team has years of experience and expertise in the domains of international trade, supply chain management, Organic Nutrition and technical knowledge. For our clients we manage the purchasing, shipping, storage and deliveries upon request and we do so to their doorstep. All very affordably with the extra (s)mile.

Why we do things

We just love to search the world to bring our customers the best organic oils, expellers and grains.

Over the last decade, we as Cormorant Commodities, have built a sustainable and trusted network of 100% organic food & feed ingredients suppliers. We wholeheartedly invite you to tap into this eco-system and all the benefits it offers you. E.g.: broad and swift availability, huge flexibility, value for money and helpful market insights.

Achieving something beautiful together

For us it was crystal clear as of the early beginnings; organic food and feed benefit us. It benefits our health, the health of our children, and our planet. Making a difference in a non-conventional spirit, in which we can all grow, flourish and have joy, drives us and our business.

How we do things

Together we can do more. As Cormorant we are strategically partnering in a strong, yet flexible ecosystem of organic feed & food material of EU and global growers, processors, customers, experts and other stakeholders.

Our team of people are highly experienced craftsmen. At home in oils and grains for decades. Whether specialized in sourcing, experienced in quality management or trained to understand the market and our customer needs. We simply do mean something to our suppliers and customers. Working with us is so much more than a transaction. Just ask around and see for yourself.

Easy to do business with.

We fully understand that you don’t want any hassle, delays or extra work in getting things sourced and delivered. You want deliveries on time in full as agreed. We do! And if there is a challenge, you just want someone that swiftly helps you out and communicates timely and precise. We do too.

Moving agile and accurately in the B-to-B commodity industry requires a dedicated team of super sharp, reliable and knowledgeable people. We avidly nurture an ethos where our people love to go the extra mile, can be themselves, feel safe, feel wanted and at home. Only than, the team can unleash their full potential to excel, communicate freely, be resourceful and go above and beyond for our customers.

We would like others to say; yes… ‘Cormorant Commodities is really easy to do business with, they are’:

  • Switched on
  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Responsive
  • Flexible


In addition to our organic products, we have a strategic cooperation for a certain range of functional products (Anti-Batterial Fats) with Cefetra BV. To learn more about these products, check out this short animation video we made.

Cefetra is a global grain merchant and a leading supplier of dry products to the compound feed industry in Europe.

This combination provides us with a common platform to accelerate our growth and meet the needs of our customers related to functional ingredients.

Vision and Moral compass

The rapidly evolving world requires responsive eco systems that are taking the lead, supported by a long-term vision and sharply attuned moral compass.

It is our ambition to achieve something wonderful together. Taking responsibility, being successful as a business and enjoying the journey.

Organic food and feed benefit us, it benefits our health, the health of our children, and our planet. We want to make a difference in a non-conventional spirit, in which we can all grow, flourish, and have joy, inspires us and benefits our business.


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Bas van Duinen

Giacomo Marcon

Guido Jaspers

Steven Kool

Roosmarijn Schaap