Sil van der Pluijm

Cormorant & Sil

The way a young academic professional can support a leading trading company? With lots of curiosity. Sil is the youngest employee at Cormorant Commodities and is very eager to learn and wants to be very successful. The open and relaxed culture at Cormorant stimulates him to ask questions and to come forward with new ideas. Sil depicts himself as a typical exponent of Generation Z. The way generation Z thinks and acts is different and exciting. For instance, they breathe technology and embrace it more intuitively than any generation before. Having these employees as part of the workforce help to see things from different viewpoints. Tasking them not only with routine work, but also with the more challenging assignments, inspire them to develop even faster.

When approaching Sil at a personal level he is a very active and social person. If you would know him better, you will notice that he is virtually always surrounded by people. In his free time, you can find him at a restaurant, a bar, or any other social venue. This is where he feels free, enjoys, and lives his young life to the fullest. Furthermore, he likes to run from time to time. Competition is in his gen Z source code. This why he will always be tracking time and trying to set new personal records.

“Making an impact, be curious, competitive and hungry to learn”

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